Watch People Shop - Sell more with Social Proof

Got a eCommerce business that's cranking?   As a customer knowing you're doing a lot of business with people just like me increases my confidence to buy.  Watch People Shop lets you show the world how well you're doing.  The result?  You will sell more!

What It Looks Like

Either on a dedicated page:

Watch People Shop

See a live demo

Or embedded into your website you can show where and when your customers are ordering from:

Watch People Shop Embedded

Watch People Shop Helps Customers

  • Discover new products
  • See you're a real business with real customers
  • Understand you ship to my region/country
  • Create a sense of urgency

How to Install Watch People Shop?

1. Add Watch People Shop to Your Shopify Store
All it takes is a single click to add Watch People Shop to your store.

2. Add a Link To Your Map From the Relevant Part of Your Site
You can use Watch People Shop with no manual changes to you theme or totally customise it and add it to the perfect location on your site.  Read the full installation details.

Install App Now

Endless customizable, see the complete setup guide.